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Moritz Kröger

I am Moritz Kröger, a German front-end developer, author, and open source contributor who lives in Berlin. Although Germans typically have a thing for extra long compound words, I am a friend of short functions.

I'm a developer with a focus on JavaScript and the ECMAScript language specification, but emerging front-end technologies in general spark my interest. I publish and contribute to open source projects on a regular basis — sharing knowledge and helping others is what the web is all about for me.

I work at Razorfish as User Interface Developer to deliver web applications and web sites for international brands.

I love finding solutions, exploring technologies and sharing what I've learned. Writing has become a fresh way for me to express myself as developer. I am an author on SitePoint and publish articles on my own blog.
It is still a very new territory for me, so I'm happy to get your feedback!

Check out my latest article:

Redux without React — State Management in Vanilla JavaScript Recently, I had one of those moments again and started working on a web application using Redux and nothing else but vanilla JavaScript. In this article I want to outline how I structured my app, examine some of my earlier (and ultimately unsuccessful) iterations, before looking at the solutions I settled on and what I learned along the way.