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Moritz Kröger

I am Moritz Kröger, a German front-end developer, author, and open source contributor who lives in Berlin. Although Germans typically have a thing for extra long compound words, I am a friend of short functions.

I'm a developer with a focus on JavaScript and the ECMAScript language specification, but emerging front-end technologies in general spark my interest. I publish and contribute to open source projects on a regular basis — sharing knowledge and helping others is what the web is all about for me.

I work at Razorfish as User Interface Developer to deliver web applications and web sites for international brands.

I love finding solutions, exploring technologies and sharing what I've learned. Writing has become a fresh way for me to express myself as developer. I am an author on SitePoint and publish articles on my own blog.
It is still a very new territory for me, so I'm happy to get your feedback!

Check out my latest article:

Clean Code with ES6 Default Parameters & Property Shorthands Creating a method also means writing an API. Whether it is for yourself, another developer on your team, or other developers using your project. Depending on the size, complexity, and purpose of your function, you have to think of default settings and the API of your input/output