Hey there!

Moritz Kröger

I am Moritz Kröger, Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, and Open Source contributor who lives in Berlin. Although Germans typically have a thing for extra long compound words, I am a friend of short functions.

As Engineering Manager, I lead software engineering teams and specialise in Web & Mobile Application Development, primarily — but not limited to — in a JavaScript stack. I am also experienced in hiring tech talent, for clients as well as in-house, and coaching engineering teams in Agile development practices.

As an engineer, I focus on JavaScript , TypeScript, DevOps, and the ECMAScript language specification. But emerging technologies in general spark my interest. I like working on the front- and back-end of the web, contribute to and publish my own open source projects on a regular basis. Sharing knowledge and supporting others — this is what the web is really all about for me.

I am currently working at McKinsey & Company as Digital Expert, solving all kinds of engineering problems for our clients.